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Garden Games Package

Garden Games Package


Our garden games entertainment package is perfect for weddings, parties, and other events. It includes five giant rustic wood games and scoreboard:

  • Giant Tumbling Blocks

  • Giant Tic-Tac-Throw

  • Giant Splat the Rat

  • Giant Catch a Star

  • Giant Score a Goal

  • Chalk Scoreboard


All of our games are handcrafted and unique to WP Events. They are sure to provide hours of fun for guests of all ages.


Contact us today to check availability. 25% deposit required to reserve, remaining balance due 28 days before hire date.

*Price excludes delivery. Delivery starts from £50 within 15 mile radius. Contact us for a quotation.


Find out more about each decoration below

Giant Jenga Game to hire -

Giant Tumbling Blocks

The classic blocks game gets a whole new twist with this giant outdoor version.


The blocks are larger and more challenging to remove, making the game even more exciting. This is the perfect game for parties and gatherings, and it's sure to provide hours of fun for people of all ages.

Game includes 58 blocks and a wine crate to ensure even footing for the blocks.

Giant Tic-TacTHROW

Our Tic-Tac THROW game is a fun and challenging twist on the traditional noughts and crosses game.


Players take turns to throw quoits at the board in an attempt to get three in a row. The first player to complete three in a row wins. If you miss the target on your throw, the turn passes to the next player.

Tic Tac Throw - Lifestyle_edited.jpg
Giant splat the rat Game to hire -

Giant Splat the RAT

This game is guaranteed to make you giggle! Our handcrafted splat the RAT game is a fun and challenging game that's perfect for parties, events, and family gatherings.

One person drops our little rat friend down the top of the pipe, and the other player has to splat it with the bat when he drops out the bottom. Our little rat is a tricky one to hit, so you'll need to have good hand-eye coordination and a little bit of luck.

Giant Catch a STAR

Catch a STAR is our take on the traditional ring toss game.


The aim is to throw your quoit and land on the star. The bigger the star, the bigger the points. A two-player game where each player takes turns to throw three quoits. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Catch a Star - Lifestyle_edited.jpg
Score a Goal - Lifestyle_edited_edited.j

Giant Score a GOAL

The Penalty Shootout Game That's Perfect for All Ages

Score a GOAL is a fun and challenging game that's perfect for parties, events, and family gatherings. Players take turns taking penalties at an agreed distance. The greater the distance, the greater the difficulty. The player with the most goals at the end of the game is the winner.

Chalk Scoreboard

Whether you're forming teams or playing as individuals, the chalk scoreboard included with our games package allows you to keep track of your scores. This is a great way to see who's top of the table and keep the competition going.

Scoreboard - chalkboard a-frame for hire -

Important Information

* Delivery available within a 15 mile radius of DH4 6JN for a set fee of £50.00. For venues outside of this radius, a supplement charge of £3 per mile would be applied.

All hires are subject to a 25% deposit and refundable security deposit. For more information see our Terms Of Hire.

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