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Blossoming Baby Shower

Blossoming Baby Shower Package


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The Blossoming Baby Shower Package includes:

  • Personalised welcome sign on a rustic easel

  • Decorated cosy egg chair 

  • Fortnum & Mason card hamper 

  • Cake display table with cream or white cover


Our Blossoming Baby Shower Package is the perfect way to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one. This beautiful package includes a cosy decorated chair, accompanied by a rustic apple crate and an array of faux flowers in vases.

The package also includes, a personalised welcome sign on a rustic easel, a card hamper and cake display table.  ​

Let us help you bring your dream baby shower to life, with our Blossoming Baby Shower Package. Contact us today to hire this beautiful package. 

*Collection price, delivery price available upon request

Blossoming baby shower Package WPEvents_edited.png

Find out more about each decoration below

Personalised Welcome Sign 

Welcoming your loved ones with a personalised touch, our package includes a beautifully decorated welcome sign, on a rustic easel. Adorned with ivy and jasmine foliage, this stylish sign adds a touch of warmth and sets the tone for the celebrations. 

Blossoming baby shower Package, Welcome Sign, WP Events

Cosy Egg Chair

Our baby shower package features a stunning focal point: a cosy egg chair decorated with lush faux ivy and jasmine flowers. To complement the egg chair, we provide a rustic apple crate filled with an array of beautiful faux flowers in elegant vases.


Blossoming baby shower Package, Cosy Decorated Egg Chair, WP Events

Wicker Card Hamper

To ensure you have a place for all your cards and well wishes, as part of the package we provide a quality Fortnum & Mason wicker card hamper. 

Blossoming baby shower Package, Wicker Card Hamper, WP Events

Cake Display Table

Completing our Blossoming Baby Shower Package is a cake display table, complete with your choice of either a cream or white cover. This elegant addition provides a stylish and practical space to display your celebratory cake.

Blossoming baby shower Package, Cake Stand table, WP Events

Important Information

Delivery and setup available for this package at additional cost. Please contact us for details.

All hires are subject to a 25% deposit and refundable security deposit. For more information see our Terms Of Hire.

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